These are consequences of your actions that stem in your previous life.

Are you feeling a victimized by the same situations that you face in life? Have you ever wondered why certain challenges in your life continue to happen to you? Do you have a clue in the recurrent misery you are unable to understand?

These patterns of negative behavior could be the result of unresolved issues that you have had in your life.

Knowing Karmic Debt

In numerology, karma refers to the spiritual cause and impact that can be passed on into different lives. Souls carry wisdom and burdens of our previous lives. On this basis that karmic debts are expressed in the form of “What is going on around, comes back around.”

In simple terms, the actions that have caused suffering, pain and misfortune to other people will be felt by us in the end. Karmic debts are the result of events that occurred in our previous lives, of which we seek to make amends in the present. The negative energy resulting from our past actions are carried forward as debts that are reincarnated in the form of Reincarnation.

Karmic the Debt Numbers

There are four distinct Karmic Number debts that can be identified according to your birth date and your life path number and personal numerology. These numbers give us with a better understanding of the actions that have hurt others and the lessons that we have to master.

KD 13/4 A lesson on dealing with work life

The number of karmic debts indicates an infringement of morals regarding work and life. The lesson you learn in this life is to put in the effort to succeed in your professional and your personal goals. One of the most common obstacles is having problems achieving your goals by taking shortcuts. You must learn the meaning behind hard work and apply a more grounded effort in order to succeed in your workplace.

Karmic the Debt No. 14/5 Lesson from the Abuse of Freedom

You’ve abused your freedom throughout your life, so you’re learning in this one is to pay attention to the virtues of an individual with a spirit of freedom. This number of karmic debts has to do with the escapism as well as leaving responsibilities behind. Keep a healthy balance by establishing limits and self-control.

Karmic Debt #16/7: Lesson on Transgressions within Love

The debt you are required to pay for this lifetime is based on the love you have for your partner. There were a few mistakes you made within your relationships in your past that caused the suffering of other people. This is because of your arrogance, vanity and self-centeredness. Your ego is in charge and, in this moment, you’re being asked to show humility. The most common pattern you encounter in the case of this kind of delusion is the development of negative relationships.

Karmic debt number 19/1 Lesson on the Exploitation of Power This karmic debt can be an opportunity to learn about your personal power. You were adamant about personal gain and while ignoring the demands of others in your previous life. The pattern you have been following is feeling at a disadvantage by the circumstances and your requirements aren’t being fulfilled in the same way. Your opportunity to learn from this experience and make amends for your past actions is to make the decision to take care of others without slipping into a victimhood mindset.