Shadow Work is an integral Part in one’s spiritual progress

“Everyone is a shadow and the less present in the person’s consciousness existence, the darker and denser it is. It creates an unconscious snag blocking our best goals.” Car Jung. Car Jung

To understand the true meaning of shadow work it is necessary to understand what the shadow is expressing in relation to self. Our shadows, as defined by a psychological standpoint are the parts of us, we choose to suppress. The shadows we hide are typically in the subconscious and are thought as the “dark part” of one’s self-image– the side of us that we perceive as inferior or evil that is not in accordance with our “chosen mental image of our self.”

Shadow Work simply means that we have to acknowledge what we call the “disowned self” regardless of the fact that we believe that these are bad qualities. The failure to look at and accept our shadows is like refusing to undergo profound healing.

What is the reason Shadow Work Important?

When you can see light there is shadow. One cannot exist without the other. So, we must consider shadow work as an essential method of purging, growth and understanding the self.

Shadow Work can bring to shining light of your inner strength, empowering you to tackle the challenges of life with a sense of equilibrium. When you integrate your shadows that lurk in the shadows into your own experience, you’re allowing the positive aspect of shadows to shine into the sunshine.

While you work on your shadows and shadows, you’re opening doors to kindness and love towards others and yourself. Bringing these aspects of yourself to surface is a gesture of love by accepting something that was once thought to be unloved. What we do to others is a part of the shadows. When we listen to the shadows of our self and healing yourself from within, instead of projecting on other people. As a result, you can reclaim the negative projections you make of other people by turning your attention inwards. Shadow The process of work is continuous. As we unearth one limitation of our own and then discover another. The layers from the “dark side” are revealed when we peel them one after another. By embracing our shadows, it is possible to gradually learn to accept and be compassionate towards ourselves. The process of addressing our shadows frees us from the immense energy we employ to suppress the darkness.