Be aware of how energy flows through your home can help refresh Your own energy

Have you ever noticed that something is out of place in your environment? Do you ever feel that the energy of your home is stifled, leading in a lack of productivity? Energy is inaccessible by the eye of the beholder however your inner being knows that energy is there. The energy that flows in our environment affects us. Your body’s air can build up unbalanced or negative energy over the years. So, a daily practice of cleaning and clearing of energy spaces within your home can be good for your health and well-being.

Get Decluttering into the routine

Energy flows easily when you get rid of items that no longer use. When you hold on to items that are no longer useful to you, you’re unconsciously holding onto old energies that could be causing low-frequency vibrations. Instead of planning a decluttering day, develop your own daily routine that allows you to gradually clear your home. De-cluttering helps you to remain focused, and keeps your mind free of unnecessary clutter.

Let Natural Light into Your Home

The natural light that shines through our home can increase the energy and mood of your home. Make sure you open your windows to let the light enter from the outdoors. In doing this we can benefit from the energy that helps us feel connected to the energy of our natural surroundings.

Smudge away and clear the air

One of the most effective methods to rid our homes of negative energy is making use of incense or sage. Prior to burning the sage smudge stick let all the doors and windows of your house. Take a walk around the house while wafting the sage stick that is burning in every space. It is your home that reflects the space. Be aware of how you feel the exact as you do inside when your space is chaotic or operating at the lowest frequency. Be aware of the fact your connection to the world around you. Imagine yourself as an energy-keeper. By cleaning your space, you create an environment that boosts your personal energy.