Chakras Are Affected by our emotions, which causes blockages. The Chakras Must Be Opened for Better Balance. Opening Chakras and Releasing Energy Blocks

HTML1 Chakras and Energy Blocks

The most important thing to understand about chakras is they serve as the body, mind as well as the spirits’ centers of energy. Since the beginning of time (and to this day) it was believed that each person has seven chakras inside our bodies. The seven chakras include Crown the third Eye, Throat Heart, Solar Plexus, Sacral and the root.

When your body, mind and spiritual state are in good health the chakras of your seven chakras are in harmony and connect with each other to keep you in a rhythm which is beneficial to your overall wellbeing. But, if one or more chakras is blocked, you’ll begin to notice negative signs like pain, illness or fatigue and so on.

Unfortunately, a modern lifestyle does not exactly help keep your chakras in good shape. Simply put, by committing to a complex lifestyle such as work, family ideas for the future as well as health, aging and so on you are also exposing our chakras to being blocked.

These are typical indications that you may have blockage of chakras

Physical – Physical Low energy Stress, illness illnesses, etc.

Mental, emotional and Spiritual – stress emotional issues and broken or stressed relationships, financial problems, etc.

Understanding What Chakras Blocks You

As we mentioned earlier there are seven chakras in all. Each negative experience you have -whether it’s your body, mind, or even your spirit-it is accompanied by a result that is associated with the chakra in question.

Although it can take years of training and experience to identify the chakras that are blocked, here’s an overview of the basics so that you will have a clear understanding of how to use your instincts:

Crown Chakra – (Physical) headache, (Emotional) sadness, (Mental) lack of orientation or focus in the world

Third Eye Chakra Third Eye Chakra (Physical) migraines forehead and brow region, (Emotional) alienation or feeling disoriented, (Mental) loss of confidence

The Throat Chakra is (Physical) painful throat (Emotional) experiencing the sensation of being unable to articulate yourself, (Mental) believing that you will not be understood by anyone even if you attempt to describe

The Heart Chakra Heart Chakra (Physical) heart chest, lung, or issues (emotional) emotional pain that is centered around relationships or a tendency to hold onto emotional trauma, (Mental) Not being capable of forming healthy relationships or having a tendency of relationships deteriorating.

Solar Plexus Chakra Chakra Solar Plexus (Physical) stomach pain, (Emotional) low self-esteem and victimhood (Mental) anxiety and indecisiveness

Sacral Chakra – (Physical) low sexual drive (Emotional) negative experience on relationships or sex, or a negative view of relationships and sex, (Mental) tendency to be negative and damaging to oneself and others. image of oneself

The Root Chakra Root Chakra (Physical) lower energy levels, (Emotional) stress, (Mental) deep-seated hatred or anger issues

Unblocking Chakras

There are numerous ways to clear your chakras. It is possible to engage in things like yoga or meditation. Engaging in nature, such as being outdoors in the park or gardening is a wonderful way to attain a tranquil harmony in your life.

Let go of your past, particularly when it’s hindering your from moving on in the rest of your lives, can be an efficient method of clearing your chakras. Keep an eye out for more discussion on ways to clear chakras.