Your space for self-care is an effective way to remind yourself to be mindful enhance your physical, mental emotional, and spiritual Well-being

“We have all suffered a suffering, the pandemic. We’ve fought our emotional, mental physically, and even social struggles in the last year. In spite of all that we’ve managed to stay afloat. We have come to the realization that we need look within for the strength to build the energy to continue. In this way we can reflect how we take care of ourselves outward. We build a sanctuary that inspires peace and tranquility in order that our capacity to live is much more manageable.”

— Celestina Avasu, Self-Care Space, Home Buddies

Your longest-lasting relationship in this life is with you. We encourage you to put aside the notion that self-care is selfish. In simple terms self-care means giving yourself time to grow, replenish and, perhaps foremost, ensuring your overall health in order.

Start Your Self-Care Journey by dedicating a physical space at Home.

Get started on self-care through creating an area for yourself. Space is a way to remind yourself to set the time aside to your needs. In setting up your personal space for self-care, it allows you to set up your body, mind and soul to engage in self-care rituals that you can incorporate into your personal space. Make use of this space at home to reflect and meditate and a place in which you can simply be.

Select a Space that is suitable for the task.

“Understanding that the only real method of living is to be present in the moment. The creation of a space that permits the body to thrive is an effective tool. It doesn’t need to be extravagant or extravagant, but the most basic area where you are most at ease can be your space to take care of yourself. It could be your bed or bathroom or perhaps a small space in your living area.”

— Celestina Avasu, Self-Care Space, Home Buddies

The space you think you need will determine the purpose of your personal space. It doesn’t matter if it’s a single room or a space in your home so it meets your requirements. The concept is to create with your home a space in which you can be able to shut out the noise of the outside world.

Make Yourself-Care Space More Beautiful Area

” In my home I’ve created the perfect set of relaxing fragrances that take me back to my youthful days. Candle warmers as well as a Tibetan singing bowl to meditate two crystals, as well as smudge sticks. A mood lighting system is ideal. The thing that saved me from myself in the past was my ability to sit and meditate for between 5 and 10 minutes per day. I made a habit of using that small time to be with myself and concentrate on the breath.”

— Celestina Avasu, Self-Care Space, Home Buddies

It is crucial to never lose sight of the purpose you want to achieve when creating your space for self-care. When you are decorating your space or your corner consider the ways each piece will assist to achieve your goals in self-care. Pick pieces that mean something to you. Choose interiors that aid in expressing your own self. Giving space to others takes your own energy. We’ve been taught to prioritize others over ourselves and never consider that in order in order to be able to give our all towards others we must to apply the same mindset to ourselves first.