In Numerology the Life Path Number provides a unique date that provides a “deeper understanding of your options and the tendencies.” In order to be more precise, the Life Path Number is the total of your birth date that reveals your fundamental nature and the main points of your experience in this life. Additionally, the Life Path Number could help you understand how you handle life’s challenges depending on your personal traits and mental outlook.

To comprehend our own lives and the world we are a part of, we have to be attentive to the mathematical patterns that define our lives. By examining the Life Path number, we can discover the inner workings of the person we are. An easy equation can reveal the values that are a part of our soul and the difficulties that we’ll encounter in our journey throughout this lifetime.

How to calculate your Path number

You can determine your Life Path number taking your complete date of birth. This is thought to have significant numbers on Your Numerology Chart. It is possible that your Life Path Number could be any number from 1 through 9. To calculate it, use the steps below to change the numbers according to your birth date:

Birthday Date: 12 March, 1981

Year: 1+9+8+1 = 19, 9 + 1 = 10

Month: 3

Day: 12

Find the Life Path number: 10+3+12 = 25, 25 is 2 + 5 = 7.

Life Path Number 7

Life path numbers

  • Path # 1 in Life Path # 1 are leaders who are driven by an individualist view of autonomy, and self-reliance.
  • Life Path 2 are diplomats who appreciate relationships and harmony, balance, and love.
  • Life Path #3 are referred to as the socializers who are interested in fun, creativity and driven by the need to have the ability to constantly express oneself.
  • Life Path 4: well-organized workers who attach importance to security and structure.
  • Life Path #5 are the free-spirited people who are seeking adventure, motion and is always open to the possibility of change.
  • Life Path #6 are considered to be the nurturing types who’s life revolves around family as well as taking on more responsibility and driven by long-term goals.
  • Life Path # 7 is for individuals who appreciate meditation deeply contemplating, deep introspection, and are awed by imagination.
  • Life Path # 8 is the powerful players whose lives is all about the authority of their position, material goods and the pursuit of the ability to succeed.
  • The Life Path 9 is for human beings who are compassionate and compassionate.

The single number you choose to use gives you a deeper knowledge of the person you are. Make use of the Life Path number as a guide that will guide you in working within the context of your personal number. When you do this you will experience that you are in tune with your soul’s mission.