Born gifted third generation psychic, I’ve traveled the globe for years honing my skill under different teachers. Tarot, Meditation, Karma Correction, and Numerology. Expert in relationships, family issues, custody cases, matching, soulmate, and check cheating.


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About Jahben Psychic Reader

Born gifted third generation psychic, I’ve traveled the globe for years honing my skill under different teachers. Tarot, Meditation, Karma Correction, and Numerology. Expert in relationships, family issues, custody cases, matching, soulmate, and check cheating. I can lead you through and guide you to clarity. I only give out accurate and honest responses.

About my services :
I offer readings using tarot, numerology, psychic guidance for love and relationships. I am also a transformative life coach. Hi 👋 🙏 🙏
I’m Jahben and I’m a passionate and experienced reader that can channel answers for your most difficult questions. 💖💔💘 🧘‍♂️I recieve insight and energy from my ancestors. They too were light workers in their time.
🫂I am here for you dear. I specialize in partner match, compatible or complimentary, what specific issues in certain time periods they may face and how to overcome.
⚡Male specialist for women seeking male point of view. Please be very specific in your questions and ask me in messages for clarification, before leaving any negative review . I provide clear and specific question to my guides and ancestors.
🚫 No health or Legal questions are allowed. All answers are 100% spiritual and non-judgmental I pass on the information from my guides, tarot cards , numerology , and astrology. ♓🃏✍
DO NOT CONTACT ME IF YOU DO NOT WANT HONEST ANSWERS. Looking for answers ? Are you at a crossroads ? Not all readings have fairy tale perfect positive answers. What the energy or tarot or spirits relay, I say. Career Readings : I can also guide you with difficult questions as to What career path to follow? What life purpose for career ? What should you focus on this year ? Should you take up study this year? What natural talents you have that can be tapped into and help you excel.
About me
DO NOT CONTACT ME IF YOU AREN’T LOOKING FOR HONEST ANSWERS. Looking for answers? Are you at a crossroads and confused about which path to choose? Fret not, I’m here to provide you accurate, honest answers in the form of divine guidance.  As someone born with an inclination to the spiritual world, it’s not too surprising that astrology, tarot cards, numerology have become my driving force and a way of life. I am here to give you a telescopic insight into your relationships, compatibility and career while giving you a head’s up about the challenges you may face in the future so you’re shielded enough to deal with them. You can expect an honest, non-judgemental energetic reading as we move to the heart of the situation. Tarot, Advanced meditation, and Karma correction, Numerology, Expert, in relationships, Family Issues, Matching, Soulmate, Commitment Checking fall under my radar of expertise. ♓🃏✍ If you’re in a dilemma about which career to choose or which life purpose to follow, your desires and your expertise, my career readings would get you the clarity you need. ‍ I opinionate a male perspective to women in need of a male point of view. I’ve spent my years travelling around the globe teaching and learning under different spiritual leaders. I connect with my ancestors who were lightworkers in their lifetime to receive insights to even the most difficult questions and so you can get what you deserve – the truth. 🧘‍♂️ You will not get sugar-coated truth no matter how hard the truth is to sink in. For an accurate reading, please be very specific about your questions. Also, please know that your review holds power. If you aren’t thoroughly satisfied with the answers and need any further clarifications, drop in a message before leaving your negative review as it may stop others who are in need of receiving advice. PS – No health or Legal questions are allowed. ❌


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Greetings Sentient,

It is not just by chance that you have visited my page. Welcome to where you have arrived. I have spent almost two decades studying various arts of divination and building on my 3rd generation intuitive abilities. I have been blessed with psychics, healers, and mystics that have trained me and imparted their ancestral knowledge on me.

I am here to show you what your best expressions are, guide you on your life purpose, find remedies for your negative tendencies, and also help you with insight into things deep or hidden. 

You can book your reading with me directly at jahbenreader@gmail.com.

Services Fees

Email Reading

20 USD

Ask 4 Questions


Live Readings:

30 USD for 15 minutes
60 USD for 30 minutes

Peak Years – Life Path – Personal Year

Tarot – Numerology – Pendulum – Remote Viewing 

Numerology report

50 USD

  • Favorable carrer
  • Deficits &remedies
  • Compatibility
  • Peak years
  • Personal year with
    monthly outlook

Insight Meditation Lessons and guidance 

3 Sessions

15 minutes per session

45 USD

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